Chewing gum has been used worldwide since ancient times when man experienced the pleasure of chewing a variety of substances. Medicated chewing gum is a novel drug delivery system containing masticator gum base with pharmacologically active ingredient and intended to use for oral treatment of mouth diseases. Medicated chewing gum represents the newest system with potential uses in pharmaceuticals, over the counter medicines and nutraceuticals. Whereas the patient convenience is concerned, it is discredited easy administration without water promotes higher compliance. Water soluble drugs are released rapidly from gum base hence various methodologies are available to provide extended release profile. Medicated chewing gum can be used in pain relief, alleviation of xerostomia, travel illness, prevention of dental caries, freshening of breath, vitamin or mineral supplementations. During chewing the drug contained in the medicated gum is released into saliva which has got two fates; either it could be absorbed through the oral mucosa or may reach the stomach for GI absorption. Medicated chewing gum is helpful to improve patient compliance especially in children’s and patient who finds in tablets swallow is difficult.