Epilepsy is that the commonest serious neurologic condition within the world, with Associate in calculable prevalence of 1%of the population the highest incidence happens in childhood and at intervals the recent, with lower levels in early adulthood. Ancient encephalopathy management includes medicine treatment, encephalopathy surgery, and cranial nerve stimulation. The ketogenic diet (KD) that has been in use since 1921 may be a treatment choice for several of those youngsters. The KD is high in fat, moderate in macromolecule, and low in carbohydrates. This mixture of energy ends up in a sustained acetonemia that somehow serves to abate seizures through Associate in unknown mechanism. Strict adherence to the diet is needed for it to be effective. Newer, a lot of liberal versions of the KDs are recently introduced and are being studied in youngsters and adults. The main target of this review is on the medicine application of the KD.A ketogenic diet, consisting of low sugar and high fat intake, leaves very little area for added carbohydrates provided by medications. Patients on ketogenic diets United Nations agency exceed their daily sugar limit have the chance of seizure relapse, necessitating hospital admission to repeat the diet initiation method. Pharmacists have the resources and therefore the experiences to establishes and stop the initiation of medicines with high sugar content in patients on ketogenic diets.