Pollutants are the major challenge for environmentalists with special concern to heavy metals. Cadmium is one of them with excessive industrial and biomedical applications. Most of electronic and electric goods, pesticides, medical apparatus and industrial effluents consist of a noticeable amount of cadmium, introducing a heavy flow of these metals in ground water table and in turn to food chain. Groundwater cadmium level has crossed the standard permissible limit (0.005 mg/ L) at many places, which is an alarming situation. Present study has been designed to find out oral toxicity of cadmium on its target organ, the Kidneys in model organism albino rat and its amelioration by Mentha piperata. Sub-acute cadmium administration significantly alters the body weight, relative kidney weight and serum electrolytes evaluating kidney functions. These alterations were significantly retained to normalcy by pretreatment with Mentha piperata. The study focuses over the use of traditional Indian herbs against unavoidable toxic exposure of heavy metals and explores protective potential of Mentha piperata for the same.