Objective of presented work is to project prospective action plan to be following while formulation development of gastro retentive tablets (GRTB). Research in the field of developing oral dosage forms directed to improve their performance through combating its major drawback of short gastric residence time (GRT) and unpredictable gastric emptying time (GET). This drawback is solving by retarding their GET and improving GRT. Several systems were developed but extensively exploited systems are floating system, mucoadhesive system, magnetic system, expandable system, and so on. These systems presented mostly as tablets, for convenience and improved patient compliance. Development of product is aiming to have a reproducible and high quality attributes (process) producing an optimised and validated product. Besides it has to ensure acceptable and reproducible product quality and performance throughout shelf life and life cycle. Design and development of product is a difficult task that requires proper planning with extensive knowledge. Scarce publications are there for complying described shortcomings. This manuscript will help in combating tabled issues and will aid researchers while planning for designing gastro retentive tablet with wished performance.